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Nancy Reuben Primary School

School Policies

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It is possible to request a copy of a document which will be provided to parents free of charge in response to a request to 


Where ISSR appears after a policy name along with a part or section, it references the appropriate Independent School Standards Regulations that requires an independent school to have this policy

Where E appears after a policy name, it references the EYFS part of the ISSR  document that requires a school with an EYFS setting to have this policy

Where neither ISSR or E appears, the policy is not mandatory but it is there as it is currently deemed good practice and we keep this under review.

The Person responsible for the policy is designated in a bracket at the end of the policy listing.

HT = Head Teacher  GB = Governing Body  RJC = Rabbi Joshua Conway  SBM = School Business Manager / Health and Safety   MF = Madeline Fraser  DS = Daniel Sunshine

AS = Avra Stock   DG = Daniela Grossman

The Head Teacher has oversight of all policies and works with different members of SLT and the GB in the formulation, ratification, implementation and effectiveness monitoring of relevant  policies through sub committees


Accessibility Plan September 2020-2023 (in line with Equality Act 2010) (HT and GB)

Accident Reporting Policy (For staff and pupils) December 2020 (see also First Aid Policy below)  (HT and GB)

Administration of Medicines Policy including EYFS September 2020 (E65, E66, E67) (HT and GB)

Admissions Policy February 2020 (GB)

Anti-Bullying Policy September 2020 (ISSR Part 3 section 10) (HT)

Attendance Policy September 2021 (HT)

Attendance Matters - A Guide for Parents

Behaviour, Rewards and Sanctions Policy September 2021 (ISSR Part 3 section 9a,b,c) (HT, RJC)

Bodily Fluids and Spillage Procedure September 2020 (PP

Children Missing in Education (CEM) September 2021 (HT ,MF)

Code of Conduct for Parents, Carers and Visitors 2020 (HT and GB)

Complaints Policy and Procedure including EYFS September 2021  (ISSR Part 7 section 33) (HT and GB)

Curriculum Policy September 2020 (ISSR Part 1 Quality of Education) DS 

Curriculum Plan March 2021 (ISSR Part 1 Quality of Education) (DS)

Data and Privacy Policy including GDPR April 2018 (Data Protection Act 2018) (GB)

E Safety (Internet) Policy September 2021 (AS)

Educational Visits Policy September 2019 (ISSR Part 3  section 11) (HT and GB)

EYFS Policy September 2021 (MF)

First Aid Policy September 2020 (ISSR Part 3 Section 13) ( see also Accident Reporting Policy above ) (PP)

Healthy Eating, Food, Allergies and Snack Policy 2020 (HT)

Health and Safety Policy September 2021 (ISSR Part 3 Section 11) (PP)

Inclusion Policy September 2020 (DG)

Missing Child Procedure (EYFS) September 2021 (E93) (MF)

Mobile Phone and Camera Policy for Staff and Pupils (including EYFS) September 2021  (E29) (MF)

Prevent Duty (Extremism and Radicalisation) Policy September 2021 (ISSR Part 3 Section 7 (PREVENT) (MF)

Pupil Code of Conduct for Remote Learning - April 2020 (HT / GB)

Recruitment Policy (also known as Safer Recruitment Policy) September 2021 (HT / GB)

Risk Assessment Policy September 2021 (ISSR Part 3 Section 16) (HT / PP / GB)

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy September 2021 (ISSR Part 3 Section 7 a,b) (HT and MF)

Snow Policy December 2017 (HT , GB )

Supervision of Pupils in EYFS Policy September 2021 (ISSR 14) (MF)

Uncollected Child Policy (including EYFS) (Late Collection of Child from School) September 2021 (MF)

WhatsApp Class Group Guidance September 2021

Whistleblowing Policy (Links to safeguarding ) September 2021 (HT / GB)



Administration of Medicines Form for medication to be taken in long term

Administration of Medicines Form for medication to be taken in short term


HR Staff Policies are available on the school's internal shared drive available to all employees.  These are reviewed and updated with our external HR Provider on a regular basis to ensure compliance.  Copies are available to staff from the Executive Assistant in the Head Teacher's Office