Nancy Reuben Primary School

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Key Stage 2

Curriculum 2020/21

You can download the curriculum for the Key Stage 2 classes by clicking on the link below:-

Year 3    2020/21 




Year 4     2020/21




Year 5     2020/21




Year 6      2020/21

Secular    YEAR 6 Secular Curriculum September 2020.pdf


Science    YEAR 6 Science Curriculum September 2020.pdf


Key Stage 2  (Years 3 to 6)

At Nancy Reuben we recognise that the integration of secular studies with Kodesh serves to strengthen both curricula.


The school’s Curriculum includes Literacy, Numeracy, Science, Physical Education as well as History, Geography, Art and Music.

There are also a number of after school clubs offering a range of enrichment activities. (Click here to see our club provision)


The Kodesh Curriculum is an integral part of the whole school curriculum and the two are closely aligned at every opportunity.


Our Jewish Studies Curriculum (Limmudei Kodesh)


“A strength of the curriculum is the fusion of the secular elements with the underpinning Jewish values of the school” –Ofsted


Kodesh is central to the curriculum at NRPS and we aim to ensure that our children have a solid foundation in all areas of Jewish Knowledge. We believe it is of utmost importance that children develop a love of Judaism and a strong commitment to Torah and Mitzvot.

Levels of Jewish learning reflect the children’s age and ability – as children progress through the school they learn:-

  • Hebrew Reading
  • Tefilla
  • Parasha
  • Chumash
  • Rashi
  • Mishna
  • Gemara
  • Dinim
  • Chachamim and Jewish History

Text based learning is taught, not by rote, but rather through individual deciphering of the language, using the children’s own knowledge of shorashim (roots) and vocabulary, thus enhancing independent thought.



Modern Hebrew (Ivrit) is taught as a second language at NRPS. Children begin learning Aleph Bet and start reading Hebrew in Kindergarten. Hebrew reading and comprehension is continually practiced throughout the school years. NRPS employs several Israeli specialist teachers who are skilled at bringing the language to life in the classroom through songs, games and exciting activities. Hearing Ivrit daily, children become comfortable with the language and develop a good foundation by the time they leave the school.


Celebrating our Judaism

“Judaism permeates every aspect of the school”



Every Friday we bring the joy of Shabbat to all children. This is done in class and for Years 1 to 6 in a special Erev Shabbat Assembly with songs, divrei Torah and other presentations from the children. Parents of children participating are always welcome to come along.


Chagim (Festivals)

Children begin preparing for each chag well in advance learning about its significance and its customs.


Yom Ha’atzmaut

Yom Ha’atzmaut is celebrated at NRPS in style with dancing, singing, arts and crafts and an Israeli lunch.


Yom Hazikaron, Yom Hashoa and Yom Yerushalayim are also marked in school in some classes with relevant activities appropriate to the age of the children.


Lag B’Omer is celebrated every year with an exciting whole school outing.


In Nissan, we prepare for Pesach.


In all our Limmudei Kodesh provision, we enjoy the diversity of minhagim that can be found in our school and this is introduced at each Chag.



Through a diverse and exciting curriculum, pupils develop skills in English and Mathematics. Our maths curriculum by Abacus ensures that the children enjoy a practical, fun, challenging learning experience that will prepare them for life in 21st Century Britain.



We foster a love of reading and the ability to read for information through guided reading sessions. Teachers select high quality texts from a range of authors, ensuring that the children enjoy a range of fiction, non-fiction and poetry alongside media texts.



Children's writing skills are developed through a text based approach to learning, where every child will experience high-quality texts every year. The children will also be taught a range of narrative techniques used by writers to improve their work. Additional input in SPaG (spelling, punctuation and grammar) ensures the children have the necessary skills to write accurately and concisely.



Maths teaching and learning at NRPS strives to provide every child with the skills, knowledge and understanding required in order for them to achieve their full potential in the modern world. We emphasise the importance of developing sound mental maths strategies alongside formal written methods in order to provide a solid basis for calculation. We also focus on using and applying mathematical skills in practical problem solving situations within real and meaningful contexts. By offering a wide range of mathematical challenges across all ability ranges, we are able to ensure that every child is challenged to extend their knowledge and skills. Where possible, children have the opportunity to use and apply mathematics across other curriculum.



Every child is unique and we ensure their individuality is celebrated and supported. Our school supports children with a wide range of academic, behaviour and emotional difficulties all of which benefit from the teaching and guidance of our highly skilled staff.


The majority of pupils thrive in class where teachers provide an exciting and differentiated curriculum; however, some children require additional intervention to ensure they make good progress throughout their time in the school.


We identify these additional needs early and working closely with parents, develop personalised support plans to cater for their needs and enable them to become independent learners. Our pupils also benefit from having a dedicated special educational needs Coordinator and Support Staff who work with pupils with specific learning difficulties. Pupil progress tracking meetings looking at academic, social, emotional and behavioural aspects of each child ensure that no child ‘flies below the radar’ and everyone’s needs are well catered for.


High achieving children are challenged through differentiation within the classroom and are encouraged to attend extension activities such as Maths challenges. The school has also arranged activities such as The Happy Puzzle Company Challenge Day and Dr Mark’s Maths Show to engage and inspire the children making your maths more interesting, fun & exciting! The children have also taken part in a sponsored whole school Mathathon.



The school assesses children at the end of Reception using the Early Years Foundation Profile. Assessments of all children in Years 1 to 6 are done annually using the NFER GL Assessments which track progress in mathematics and English year-on-year. These tests also provide accurate information about each individual pupils’ strengths and weaknesses enabling teachers to personalise learning and enable the school to benchmark attainment against children nationally.

Additional assessments take place throughout the school which include the teachers’ ongoing marking and feedback to children and end of module assessments in maths. The school uses Target Tracker to track pupils’ individual progress and achievement.