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Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis takes part in the first recording of the Nancy Reuben Primary Podcast September 2019

Welcome to our new Nancy Reuben Podcast launched September 2019.  On our podcasts, you will hear how the children are using technology to engage with organisations and people from across the community.  We know that people as far away as USA, France and Israel are listening to our podcasts.

Our children are briefed about and research the person and the organisation being interviewed and then prepare any questions they like to ask.  A small group of children representing different classes is chosen each time to participate in the podcast interview.  The children prepare the introduction to the podcast.

Podcast 1 with Chief Rabbi Mirvis 23rd September 2019 is available here: 

This podcast launch was reported in the press here: 


Podcast 2 with Michelle Barnett from GIFT  24th October 2019 is available here:   "The kids were delightful and it was a real honour"(Michelle Barnett, GIFT) 


Podcast 3 with Ron Shelley from AJEX 30th October 2019

Ahead of Annual Remembrance Day, children interviewed an Ex Serviceman from the AJEX -The Jewish Military Association UK

Podcast 4  Children from NRPS interview Caroline Tunkel from Chai, asking her questions about the services they provide and the wonderful work they do in the community 27th November 2019


Podcast 5 - The Streetwise Episode (anti-bullying) 3rd December 2019.    Thanks also to Catherine from Macaabi for taking part and answering all the children's questions.


Podcast 6- The General Election 2019 Episode - 4th December 2019.  Thank you so much to Professor Peter Hough, from Middlesex University, who came to answer all of our questions.  We really enjoyed learning about General Elections (in general) and finding out what one has to do to become Prime Minister.   Professor Hough commented afterwards "I really enjoyed the session. Your pupils were delightful and impressive. They are a real credit to you and your school."


Podcast 7 - The Camp Simcha Episode -18th January 2020.  Thanks so much to Daniel Gillis from Camp Simcha UK who came to answer our questions.…/camp-simcha-final-episode


Podcast 8 - The Norwood Episode - 5th February 2020 - Thank you to Ruth Korel who came from Norwood to answer the children's questions about the amazing work of Norwood


Podcast 9 - The Jewish Care Episode - 6th February 2020Children from Nancy Reuben interviewed Daniel Carmel-Brown, the Chief Executive of Jewish Care about all the wonderful work that they do in our community



Through our new groundbreaking podcast initiative, the children are developing a broad range of skills including public speaking, communication and awareness of community issues.