• Tzitzit on a daily basis and a school kippa – short hair

• Yellow shirts or T-shirts are acceptable

• Navy trousers.

• Shorts in summer term must be of mid-thigh or longer.

• Black shoes

• Socks – white, navy or black.

• School jumper.



• Skirts or pinafore dresses of a decent length

• Navy cardigan

• Summer dress

• Yellow shirts or T-shirts

• Navy tights.

• Socks navy or white.

• black shoes

• Hair tied back

• Stud earrings only.

• No jewellery or nail varnish.

• Cycle shorts can be worn for modesty.

Trainers of any kind are not allowed in school other than for PE.

Skirts can be worn for PE


Uniform Supplier is School Wear of Hendon