Our Unique Selling Point

Our distinctive character is that NRPS is a community school and we are one large family! Nancy Reuben provides for children from the ages of 2 to 11. We have an Ofsted Registered Playgroup (age 2) as well as a Pre- Kindergarten (age 3) and Kindergarten (aged 4) and Reception (aged 5) classes as part of our Early Years Foundation Stage.

If you would like to visit our school to see our provision, please contact the Head Teacher’s PA on 020 8202 5646.


Care and respect for others permeate the entire curriculum. Our teachers create an exciting, stimulating and nurturing learning environment, in which there is good interaction between teacher and pupil. This is possible because of our small class sizes and high pupil to staff ratios. Our children achieve because of the strong work ethic in the school and the high value given to education by our parents.


Since it opened in 1999, Nancy Reuben Primary has established itself as a warm and welcoming school community. The children feel safe, secure and valued and flourish. Our PTA organises many events through the year and works closely with all parents and families and is especially happy to welcome families from abroad who may be new to the area.


Each child is accepted and appreciated for their individuality which is conducive to the child’s learning and success. The schools; anti bullying policies safeguard and promote the welfare of our children. These sentiments are supported by our parents, who see the caring attitudes of NRPS as a key factor in their children’s learning and progress.


Parent Involvement

The school operates a strong parent-school-child-partnership and to this end the Headteacher has an open door policy for parents and children.



Our children grow in confidence, fully prepared to excel in society, whilst being proud of their Jewish identity. Our vision is about building the future pillars of the community – our children.


Leavers’ Destinations

In summer 2017, Our Year 6 pupils are taking up places at Hasmonean High School, Immanuel College, JfS and Haberdashers.