Nancy Reuben Primary School

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English as an Additional Language (EAL)

Nancy Reuben Primary School has a small number of pupils who speak English as and Additional Language.  These children are mostly Ivrit (Hebrew) speakers.  These children sometime come to school with little or no English.  On arrival, these pupils will be assessed to ascertain their level of spoken and written English.

The school will then liaise with the parents of these children to agree on a plan of action.  

Currently EAL support is provided to individual pupils where needed by teachers and TAs.    We also use staff many of whom are are fluent Ivrit speakers and we have many children who are fully bilingual who help their peers.

If support in other languages is required, this would be discussed prior to admission and the appropriate support plan agreed.  The costs associated with this support will usually be part of the admissions conditions and this will be discussed with the Admissions Governors at the time an application is being considered.