Nancy Reuben Primary School

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Dress Code for all those attending the school site


One of the hallmarks of Jewish behaviour is modesty of dress.  As a community school, our Jewish ethos is pivotal to school life and is dependent not only on the teaching of Jewish knowledge, but also in the way we conduct ourselves.

In order to create an atmosphere of tolerance and respect it is vital that parents and visitors adhere to the following :

Parents and visitors:

  • Men must have their head covered at all times
  • All women must wear skirts of knee length (a maximum of 2” above is acceptable
  • Short sleeves may be worn by women, ensuring underarms are covered, and no cap sleeves
  • Low necklines may not be worn by women, either in front or back of the garment.
  • Ensure it is not lower than 4 fingers from the collar bone.

Aupairs/nannies may wear trousers, however, they may not wear:

  •  Mini skirts
  •  Shorts
  •  Plunging necklines
  •  Sleeveless tops


We expect the father of a child at NRPS to attend Shabbat Services at a Synagogue, and to attend regular Shiurim.

KASHRUT – Separation of milk and meat  Following a Kashrut Authority.

When entertaining school children, please ensure Chalav Yisroel is used.


Message from Dayan Abraham David, Principal of NRPS about Dress Code - April 2018

It is an appropriate time as we approach the summer to remind you, our wonderful parents, about the school’s dress code for parents, grandparents and nannies., which you will find on our website. This is not just an important Halacha in its own right but offers us an opportunity to be sensitive and show consideration to others as well as an important Chinuch for our dearest children.

With blessings of the Torah to you and your families.

Dayan Abraham David