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"iFeel" NRPS Mental Health Podcast Series

"iFeel" Podcast

Podcast 1 - Facing Challenges…/1-ifeel-the-facing-challenges

Today, we are pleased to launch the iFeel podcast: a series of podcasts designed, scripted and managed by Year Five children and dedicated to improving Children’s Mental Health- each episode will focus on a different theme. The first episode launched to coincide with Children's Mental Health Week 3rd - 9th February 2020, is about facing challenges. 

iFeel Podcast 2 - Current Events
Our 2nd iFeel Podcast, examines how children can deal with anxieties caused by current events and items in the news. Thank you so much to Mrs Rubens with a Kodesh viewpoint and to Mrs Gorji our expert therapist.

Here is an article that appeared in First News on 28th February 2020.  The First News printed the wrong school name and have apologised for the error.

iFeel Podcast 3 - Change and transition

We are so proud of the Year Five boys who did such a fantastic job on the latest iFeel podcast on the subject of transitions! Thanks also to Dr Ilan Ben Zion and to Rabbi Conway for their contributions.