Nancy Reuben Primary School

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Our Governors

School governors are responsible for the strategic direction and the financial performance of the school .  They offer support and challenge to the School’s Headteacher, Senior Leadership Team and staff.   Within this remit, the full Governing Body meets roughly every 6 weeks.  The Governing Body through the Sub Committees, contribute to the School Improvement Plan and regularly oversee various strategic aspects of the school.

The Sub Committees of the Governing Body comprise of:  Teaching and Learning Committee (with oversight for secular provision), Kodesh committee (with oversight of Kodesh provision and under the remit of the main TLC Committee), EYFS Committee, Finance Committee, Admissions Committee, Site, PR, Marketing and Branding, Compliance, HR and Security.


Mrs Sharon Kelaty  (Chair of Governors)

Sharon has a daughter in the school – she has worked in the commercial world for 30 years and runs her own successful businesses in the rug industry and property investment.


Mr. Anthony Wolfson  (Head Teacher)

Anthony has been the Head Teacher of NRPS since April 2017.   He has been in Primary Education since 1985 and has been a Jewish Primary Head Teacher since 2002.  


Mr. Hadley Newman  (Vice Chair of Governors, Admissions  and Staffing Governor)

Hadley has three daughters in the lower years at NRPS.  His company runs care homes across the UK.  He is extremely passionate about maintaining the values and warmth he fell in love with when he first joined our school.


Professor Dr. Daniel Ezra (Chair of the Teaching and Learning Committee)

Daniel’s four children have all attended NRPS.  His family are members of the Od Yosef Hai Synagogue. He is presently Consultant Ophthalmic and Oculofacial Surgeon to Moorfields Eye Hospital.  He is a University Lecturer at UCL, has a Masters degree in Medical Education and is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.


Dr Chagit Blass  (Associate Governor and Chair of the Kodesh Committee)


Mr Alan Berkley  (Finance Governor)

Alan is qualified chartered accountant and works with the Finance Committee to develop our long term financial modelling and budgeting capabilities.


Mrs Allegra Benitah (Chair of EYFS Committee)

Mr Jonathan Shelley  (Site Governor)

Jonathan, a qualified chartered accountant now runs his own real estate business following roles with Deloitte, UBS and the BT Pension Fund.


Mr Jon Benjamin (Foundation Governor)

Jon brings considerable experience as a lawyer specialising in Trust and Charity law, management and leadership. He currently acts as a consultant to a variety of organisations. Previously, Jon was CEO of the Board of Deputies, CEO of British ORT and Chief Operating Officer of World ORT. He has, in the past, served as a school governor.

Mrs Patti Adler (Parent Governor)

Patti has been a parent at Nancy Reuben for 9 years and has always been dedicated to and involved in the school through the PTA organising and coordinating the annual NRPS PTA Calendar.  Patti also supports the JNF Partnership work that we do in school)

R' Simcha Kirschenbaum  (Staff Governor)

R' Simcha has been teaching Kodesh at NRPS for over 10 years and is a popular and well respected member of the staff team.


Mr David Zysblat (PR, Marketing and Branding)

David has three sons in NRPS. He is the CEO of Wiredflow a Digital Online Marketing Agency and has vast experience working with some of the largest brands in the UK. David brings with him a huge range of online marketing skills, knowledge and expertise.  David helps to ensure the school's online social media and web presence are really having a massive PR impact.


Rabbi Yossi David שליט''א

Rabbi Yossi teaches Gemara to Year 6 boys


Mr Jeremy Bokobza (Security) 

Jeremy is an NRPS parent.  Jeremy is Head of Engineering at Stratis Platform.  



Dayan Avraham David שליט''א - Rav of the Od Yosef Hai Community and Dayan (Judge) to the Sefardi Bet Din (Ecclesiastical Court) 

The Reuben Foundation


Our Governing Body attend training and workshops run by  PAJES (Partnership for Jewish Schools) and Brent Local Authority.  We also use the services of outside consultants who offer support and advice.   The National Governance Association (NGA) also provides a point of reference.  The school is a member of the Independent Schools' Bursars Association (ISBA)