Welcome to Nancy Reuben Primary School

Our Ethos

We strive for academic excellence whilst endeavouring to create a caring and nurturing environment that will ensure the spiritual, moral and academic growth of each and every child in a Torah framework.

Our Philosophy

At NRPS we aim to...

  • Educate our children to the highest possible academic standards in both Secular and Kodesh subjects.
  • Instil in our pupils a love of, and commitment to, Torah values and Mitzvot.
  • Inspire in our children a love of learning, and a desire to acquire knowledge, which extends to both Secular and Kodesh.
  • Build self-esteem and confidence within all our chidlren; we recognise and celebrate every child's individuality, and strive to create an atmosphere of acceptance where children respect each other and themselves. 
  • Develop children who are well-rounded individuals, and a credit to our community, through the Middot of responsibility, modesty and consideration.

We take great pride in the diversity of our pupils’ backgrounds and aim to create a community in the school which understands and values individual traditions and customs. 

 "Kol Yisrael arevim zeh la-zeh
- all Jews are responsible for one another.“